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StoreEasy 1660/1860 Storage WSS2016 Recovery DVD 5.01.0c

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Software Depot: HPE StoreEasy Recovery Software Redirect Page

HPE StoreEasy Recovery Software is available for customers to download and use on products which are under an active warranty or an HPE Support Agreement. Access to the HPE StoreEasy Recovery Software requires validation via the HPE Support Center (HPESC) .


  1. As a reminder, please ensure you link your warranty or HPE support agreement to your HPE Passport account.
    (Note: this is a one time linking process. For future downloads, the HPE Support Center will recognize your entitlement as long as your product has an active warranty or HPE support agreement.)
  2. Access HPE StoreEasy Recovery Software on HPESC and click “Obtain Software”.
  3. By downloading the software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the HPE Software License Agreement .
Additional product information
Product #: Q2P95-11001_1
Global Trade ID: -
Version: 5.01.0c
Software specification: