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Insight Remote Support 7.x

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About HPE Insight Remote Support 7.x

HPE Insight Remote Support 7.x is a software solution that enables reactive and proactive remote support to improve the availability of supported servers, storage, and networking devices.

HPE Insight Remote Support enables enhanced delivery of your warranty or support services contract. HPE Insight Remote Support supplements your monitoring continuously to ensure maximum system availability by providing intelligent event diagnosis, and automatic, secure submission of hardware event notifications to HPE, which will initiate a fast and accurate resolution, based on your product's service level. Notifications may be sent to your HPE Authorized Channel Partner for on-site service, if configured and available in your country.

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About HPE Insight Remote Support 7.10

HPE Insight Remote Support 7.10 is optimized to support up to 3,500 monitored devices per Hosting Device and can be installed on a Windows ProLiant Hosting Device or a Windows Virtual Guest. Additionally, it can easily be configured to forward service events to a supported version of Systems Insight Manager and offers integration into Insight Online.

HPE recommends that you read the documentation to assist during the installation. There are system prerequisites for both your Hosting Device and monitored devices that, if ignored, will prevent a successful installation and may require a full re-installation. For prerequisites and installation instructions, see the HPE Insight Remote Support Quick Installation Guide available at

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Version: 7.x
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