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HPE Serviceguard Toolkit for Integrity Virtual Servers

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HPE Serviceguard toolkit for Integrity Virtual Servers (SG IVS Toolkit) is a toolkit that facilitates seamless integration of HP-UX vPars and HPE Integrity Virtual Machines with HPE Serviceguard.


It has a set of shell scripts that aids in creating Serviceguard package for VM or vPars (that is VM or vPars-as-Serviceguard-packages) and helps to start, stop, and monitor VM or vPars on VM or vPars Hosts. This toolkit enables you to configure a VM or vPars as a package and provide high availability to the virtual machines configured in HP-UX servers.


Note: This document refers to vPars that is created using the product bundle BB068AA.


The SG IVS Toolkit helps in Online VM migration in VM-as-Serviceguard-package configuration, and VM as a Serviceguard node configuration, which minimizes the downtime for planned maintenance activities on VM or vPars Hosts. The toolkit protects the VM or vPars from unplanned VM or vPars Host hardware or software failures or failure of the VM or vPars.


Also, you can configure the VM or vPars guest application monitor to monitor applications on the VM or vPars guest. It provides startup and failure detection capabilities and also VM or vPars failover for monitored VM or vPars guest applications using HPE Serviceguard.





When VM or vPars is deployed in a Serviceguard cluster using SG IVS Toolkit, it has the following advantages:


         Provides high availability to VM or vPars.

         Provides high availability to applications running in the VM or vPars guest through VM or vPars guest application monitoring service.

         Minimizes both planned and unplanned downtime of VM guests by using Online VM migration and Serviceguard respectively.

         Helps in migrating the workload by using Integrity VM or vPars and Serviceguard.

         Provides hardware and software consolidation to business-critical customers.

Installing HPE Serviceguard toolkit for Integrity virtual servers


To install HPE Serviceguard toolkit for Integrity virtual servers:

1.      Run the command:

# swinstall -s <depot path>


The SD Install - Software Selection user interface appears where you can select the product that you want to install.


2.      On the SD Install - Software Selection screen, mark the product, SG-IVS-Toolkit.

3.      To mark the product for installation, select Action > Mark For Install (m).

4.      Select Action > Install to initiate the installation.


To verify that the installation is complete, run the command:

# swlist -l product SG-IVS-Toolkit

This command returns the entry, SG-IVS-Toolkit, if it is installed successfully.


Additional product information
Product #: SG-IVS-Toolkit
Version: B.02.00
Software specification: SG-IVS-Toolkit_B.02.00_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA.depot