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HPE StoreOnce 2600, 4200, 4400 QR Image

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A Quick Restore (QR) ISO image is available to re-image the software on a StoreOnce appliance to a known good state. It is only used, under guidance by HPE Support, in the unlikely event of an appliance`s root file system becoming corrupted or lost; for example if multiple OS disk failures have occurred.



Performing a Quick Restore on a StoreOnce 2600, 4200 or 4400 system will result in the loss of all backup data stored on the appliance, and will require the user to perform some steps to re-create the storage system on the appliance before it can be used.



To use the QR process you must download the QR image and create physical media from it. You will need physical access to the StoreOnce appliance to perform the update.  

Once you have downloaded the QR ISO image you will need to download the HP USB Key Utility for Windows from the HPE website. This is used to copy the content of the QR image to an 8GB or greater USB 2.0 memory stick using a Windows PC. The HPE USB Key Utility for Windows can be downloaded from the HPE Support download web pages for StoreOnce Systems on

1.   Go to the HPE Support page at, search for your product (for example, StoreOnce 6500) and select the link for your product, or HPE StoreOnce Systems if your product is not listed.

2.   Under the Download Options tab, click the Get drivers, software & firmware link. If a list of StoreOnce products is displayed, select the link for your product.

3.   Select OS Independent under Operating Systems to display a list of all available downloads.

4.   The HPE USB Key Utility for Windows is under Utility. Click Obtain Software and then Download on the next page.

IMPORTANT: Only USB 2.0 sticks are supported for QR on StoreOnce Systems. USB 3.0 is not currently supported.


Using the Quick Restore media

The QR media is to be used only under guidance from HPE Support. It is not required for normal operation of the product.

Further instructions on how to use the QR Image can be found in the StoreOnce Backup System service and maintenance guide, which can be found on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library website:

Additional product information
Global Trade ID: -
Version: Various
Software specification: HPE StoreOnce 2600, 4200 and 4400 Backup systems Quick Restore Image v3.13.9 (P9L02-10617.iso)