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HPE StoreOnce 3100, 3520, 3540, 5100, 5500 System Software

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StoreOnce software update RPM`s provide new features, functional and quality improvements and defect fixes. In addition, they also contain the recommended component firmware for the StoreOnce appliance.

It is recommended that StoreOnce appliances are kept up to date with the latest software.

StoreOnce 3.16.7 is the latest recommended update.

StoreOnce 3.18.7 contains StoreOnce Cloud Bank and additional security features.

For more information about the content of each release, check the release notes for each update. These can be found on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library website and scrolling down to, or filtering on, the ‘Release Notes’.



This software update is only for the HPE StoreOnce 3100, 3520, 3540, 5100 and 5500 Systems.

The final stage of the software update reboots the appliance to complete the software update process.

The complete update process, including component firmware updates, may take up to 3 hours. It is important to ensure that there are no backup or restore operations scheduled to take place during this period.



1.   Download the software update RPM and check the MD5 hash against the one published in the release notes

2.   SFTP the software RPM to the StoreOnce appliance repository directory

3.   Follow detailed instructions published in the release notes

For more detailed instructions see the release notes for the software update RPM.
Additional product information
Global Trade ID: -
Version: Various
Software specification: HPE StoreOnce 3100, 3520, 3540, 5100 and 5500 Software Update v 3.16.7 for v3.14.0 and later (P9L02-10600.rpm)
HPE StoreOnce 3100, 3520, 3540, 5100 and 5500 Software Update v 3.18.7 for v3.15.0 and later (P9L02-10616.rpm)