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Sendmail 8.11.1 Special Release

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Product details and specifications

Sendmail is an electronic mail transfer agent that you can use to send or receive messages. Sendmail 8.11.1 is used only to deliver pre-formatted messages. It is a BSU and a part of the regular operating system release.

Sendmail 8.11.1 offers the following features:

  • Multiple queue directories
  • Enhanced status code as defined by RFC 2034
  • ClientPort options
  • DaemonPort Options
  • Spam control using Message Submission Agent
  • SMTP authentication
  • Virtual hosting
  • LDAP-based routing
  • Improved anti-spam features
  • New configuration options
  • New command-line options

NOTE: The Sendmail releases B. and B. were intermediate releases. You may not find these release names mentioned in any documentation available with B. because they did not provide a complete solution.

You may not be able to install this web upgrade of Sendmail 8.11.1 in a system that contains any unoffical (UNOF) Sendmail patch.

Availability on HP-UX 11.0

Sendmail 8.11.1 Version 9 (B. released in December 2006, is the latest version of HPE's mail routing facility that is shipped with the HP-UX 11.0 operating system as a Web upgrade. This Web upgrade requires the libc patch PHCO_22076 or a superseding patch.

Compatibility Information

Customers currently using any 8.x version of Sendmail do not need to modify the configuration file. However, HPE recommends customers to use the Sendmail 8.11.1 version 9 configuration file delivered with this release to effectively use the new features and changes included in Sendmail 8.11.1.


The following product documentation is available with Sendmail 8.11.1:

Man Pages

The following man pages are distributed with this release of Sendmail 8.11.1:

  • killsm.1m
  • mailq.1
  • mailstats.1
  • makemap.1m
  • praliases.1
  • sendmail.1m

Release Notes

For more information on the new features, compatibility issues et al., refer to Sendmail 8.11.1 Release Notes at the URL: Sendmail 8.11.1 Release Notes. It is also distributed with the software depot as /usr/share/doc/sendmail-811_release.pdf.

Sendmail License

The Sendmail-8.11.1 License file is distributed with the software depot as /usr/share/doc/LICENSE.SMAIL811.

Additional product information
Product #: SMAIL811
Version: 8.11.1
Software specification: HP-UX 11.0(Sendmail-811_B.