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Product details and specifications
HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) is the HPE 3PAR new management and reporting console that offers converged management of both File and Block on HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console offers a new modern look and consistent feel and a common interface and language with HPE OneView. Designed to use the latest API (Application Program Interface) and UI (User Interface) technologies, HPE 3PAR SSMC centralizes all HPE 3PAR StoreServ management under a single pane of glass and offers converged management and reporting for both file and block. Accessible through web based UI, you can run your operations as HPE 3PAR SSMC tasks with an improved user experience and better responsiveness. All the information you need from HPE 3PAR StoreServ is available at a glance with customizable reporting capabilities, eliminating the need for add-on software tools or diagnostics and troubleshooting that require professional services. Assess what's happening across the entire data center in seconds via a simple dashboard and you are just one click away from collecting configuration and health information on any resource.

HPE 3PAR System Reporter is also fully integrated in SSMC and offers reporting templates, scheduled reports and threshold alerts.
Legacy HPE 3PAR Management Console is still available to download here; for a greater user experience HPE recommends to use HPE 3PAR SSMC.

General features:

  • Dashboard: Provides consolidated view of system health from a single pane of glass.
  • Smart Search: Helps locate key information quickly and provide immediate access to the event device or task information required.
  • Map view: Designs visual map against logical and physical objects.
  • Activity feed: Provides a common ground to communicate and understand all the alerts, jobs and projects in the data center, in real-time.
  • Federation: Allows users to create multi-array bidirectional Peer Motion setup to move data non-disruptively between members of federation, along with migrating data from legacy systems to members of the federation.
  • System Reporter: Integrated historical performance and capacity reports.
  • Excel client: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Add-in to query system data directly in a spreadsheet. (Available as a separate installer).


  • Converged management for entire HPE 3PAR StoreServ product family for both file and block.
  • One storage architecture, same management experience and interface from high end, midrange and all-flash.
  • Integrated on-demand reporting of system capacity and performance with HPE 3PAR System Reporter, that provides a glimpse into historical capacity consumption and helps keep track of historical performance.

To download the software, click on Select button (on the upper right hand side of the web page).

What’s New:

Block Provisioning:

  • Includes enhanced capacity savings/efficiency display.
  • Removes Thinly deduped as a provisioning type selection, making it a flag/setting on Thin provisioned instead.
  • Adds support for the following:
    • Integration with HPE 3PAR Smart SAN Software 2.0 and later.
    • Virtual Volume compression for SSD devices.
    • 15TB SSD drives

File Persona: Adds

  • Enterprise file lock.
  • Thin persistence SCSI UNMAP.
  • FPG expansion in GiB granularity.
  • CNA combo card.
  • FTP shares.

Remote Copy:

  • Adds a warning when using Remote Copy from encrypted to un-encrypted system.
  • Allows users to specify additional targets for SLD and 3DC Peer Persistence configurations

3PAR Storage Federation:

  • Allows a storage federation to include up to a maximum of eight source storage systems for every destination system
  • Adds support for migrating from Non-3PAR systems (Support for IBM XIV) to a destination 3PAR StoreServ system
  • Adds support for migrating from legacy 3PAR F-Class and T-Class systems to a destination 3PAR StoreServ system
  • Updates the create and edit Federation dialog to allow choosing 3PAR Smart SAN capable storage systems, and to establish zoning.
  • Adds capability of allowing users to schedule Peer Motion migrations to destination 3PAR StoreServ storage systems that are part of a federation.
  • Creates a more accurate representation of virtual volume space migrated during a Peer Motion migration.
  • Allows the user to create compressed volumes on destination system during Peer Motion, if all of the following apply:
    • Destination system supports compression.
    • CPG is SSD.
    • Volume type is thin or dedup.

System reporter:


  • Enables selection of rules for VMware storage containers, virtual machines, VM hosts, and VVol states from the Virtual Volumes capacity report.
  • Allows threshold alert editing on systems running 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and later.
  • Allows users to provide IPv6 SMTP server address under Settings.
  • Adds summary metrics under System Performance view
  • Supports Performance view in storage container and virtual machine main menu.
  • Adds RPO metric for Remote Copy volume report.
  • Supports compression metrics for VV and CPG Capacity reports.
  • Simplifies VV capacity and CPG capacity reports.
  • Adds capacity forecasting view to systems main menu for system capacity and CPG, to provide forecasting data for daily sample based on 1 year of historical data.
  • Includes the following Excel Add-in features, supported from HPE 3PAR Operating System:
    • Simplifies system capacity report for systems running 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and later.
    • Enables VMware VVol metrics in VV capacity, exported volume performance, and exported volume histogram reports.
    • Adds a system capacity report for 3PAR systems running 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and later.
    • Supports VVol metrics for VV capacity and exported volume performance reports.
    • Supports compression metrics for VV and CPG capacity reports.
    • Simplifies VV capacity and CPG capacity reports.
    • Connects to SSMC server running IPv6.
    • Adds summary metrics for physical drive, port, and exported volume components


  • Displays replication information on Virtual Machines and VVols

This release of HPE 3PAR SSMC 3.1 also includes numerous performance and usability enhancements that will provide a better end-user experience. 

Product Documentation:

HPE 3PAR SSMC White Paper is available here and the System Reporter portion is covered here.

For HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console User Guide and related documents, go to, navigate to the product page, click Support for your product, and then click Manuals.

For complete HPE 3PAR SSMC compatibility lists, refer to the 3PAR Array Software section on the HPE SPOCK website:

Product Support:

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HPE Storage arrays or visit

Additional product information
Version: 3.1
Software specification: HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console 3.1
HPE 3PAR SSMC Excel client installer SW