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HPE StoreOnce VSA

The HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the StoreOnce portfolio with the agility and flexibility of StoreOnce delivered as a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated hardware. Its flexibility provides deduplicating, disk-based, cost effective backup storage to efficiently store your backup data. By choosing StoreOnce VSA you can benefit from all the StoreOnce capability by installing the virtual appliance into your VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Once installed and powered on, HPE StoreOnce VSA is used by backup and recovery applications as a backup target, in the same way as physical StoreOnce appliances, and delivers the following benefits:

-   Exceptional value - install into existing virtual environment for software defined deduplicating backup storage. The StoreOnce VSA license to use (LTU) includes HPE StoreOnce Catalyst and Security Pack (Data at rest encryption and Secure erase) capability, for seamless data movement across the enterprise, replication capability to enable it to be a replication target, HPE support for peace of mind. 

-   Easy to manage (locally): StoreOnce VSA can be managed using a local graphical interface (GUI). The local GUI is the same, well proven, interface used to manage the HPE StoreOnce Backup physical appliances and provides a consistent experience for enterprise-wide deployments.

-   Easy to manage (across the enterprise): for users with multiple StoreOnce appliances and multiple StoreOnce VSAs, StoreOnce Enterprise Manager (SEM) enables centralized management. Through the centralized StoreOnce Enterprise Manager up to 400 StoreOnce appliances and StoreOnce virtual appliances can be managed across multiple sites. HPE StoreOnce Enterprise Manager can be used for advanced monitoring, reporting, forecasting and trend analysis for the StoreOnce appliances, including VSA, in a network.

-   Rapid installation - Once downloaded, installation and configuration is simple and can be done through the native tools in ESX and Hyper-V as applicable. A Power shell script for installation and configuration is also available for the Hyper-V environment.


HPE StoreOnce VSA can be configured in Ethernet environments with StoreOnce Catalyst, VTL and NAS (CIFS & NFS) backup targets. For users wanting to integrate with a Fibre Channel environment a physical StoreOnce Backup appliance should be used. Non-deduplicating VTL and NAS targets are also available.

HPE StoreOnce VSA includes an Instant-On license enabling all functionality for up to 60 days of operation. After that time, a paid license is required for continued use. All backup data will remain accessible after adding the license and all configuration settings will remain after adding the license. 


StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7

StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 is the latest version of StoreOnce VSA. This release includes Cloud Bank Storage support it is available for new VSA deployments and upgrades from 3.16.x.


StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5

StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5 is the preceding version of the StoreOnce VSA.

Note: From version 3.13.0 onwards, StoreOnce VSA product versions will follow and be same as StoreOnce SW version numbers. 

StoreOnce VSA is supported on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 & 2016 Hyper-V, VMware vSphere (6.5, 6.0 and 5.5) hypervisor (ESXi) and KVM (Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3).

StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5, enables up to 50 TB – configured data disks in multiples for 1TB increments - of deduplicating backup capacity. The StoreOnce deduplication means this can store over 500TB of backup data (assuming a 10:1 deduplication ratio). StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5 will support Thin Provision on VMware and Dynamically Expanding disks on Hyper-V.

Note: From StoreOnce VSA 3.13.2 onwards, perpetual/permanent licenses are available for 4 TB, 10 TB, 20TB and 50 TB capacity points.

Note: From StoreOnce 3.13.2 onwards, data disks of any size in multiples of 1 TB (1024 GB) are supported for data storage – for Example 1 TB (1024 GB), 2 TB, 3 TB etc. Prior to StoreOnce 3.13.2, data disk sizes of 1 TB (1024 GB), 5 TB and 10 TB were supported.

Note: From StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5, 3 Yr and 5 Yr term licenses are no longer available and only Perpetual licenses will be available. StoreOnce VSA deployed earlier with 3 or 5 Yr term licenses will continue to be valid for the remainder of the term after which you can extend the validity by purchasing a perpetual license.

Note: From StoreOnce VSA 3.16.5, a new 32TB capacity point and upgrade from 20 TB to 32TB and 32TB to 50TB are available with perpetual licenses.


Software updates on StoreOnce VSA

StoreOnce software update RPM`s provide new features, functional and quality improvements and defect fixes. In addition, they also contain the recommended component firmware for the StoreOnce appliance.

It is always recommended that StoreOnce appliances are kept up to date with the latest software.

StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 is the latest release.

If you are upgrading software on an existing StoreOnce VSA 3.13.5 or later, the required upgrade path is:

  1. Upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3

  2. On successful completion, upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7. 


If you are upgrading software on an existing StoreOnce VSA 3.11.7 or later, the required upgrade path is:

  1. Upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.13.5

  2. On successful completion, upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3. 

  3. After upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.13.5, upgrade to 3.18.7.


If you are upgrading software on an existing StoreOnce VSA with 3.7.x version or earlier, the required upgrade path is:

  1. Upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 2.2 (SW version 3.11.7 (EJ022–10538.rpm))

  2. On successful completion, upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.13.5. 

  3. On successful completion, upgrade to 3.16.3.

  4. After upgrade to StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3, upgrade to 3.18.7.


For more information

For more information on StoreOnce VSA features and deployment instructions, please refer to the StoreOnce VSA Deployment and Configuration Guide. Go to: for latest documentation.

For more information about the content of each release, check the release notes for each update, these can be found by navigating to, searching for your product name, e.g. StoreOnce VSA.



The final stage of the software update reboots the appliance to complete the update process.

The complete update process may take up to 60 minutes for a StoreOnce VSA appliance (e.g. StoreOnce VSA). It is important to ensure that there are no backup or restore operations scheduled to take place during this period.



Download the required HPE StoreOnce VSA Upgrade Software RPM from software depot and follow the detailed instructions on Software Update in the release notes for the software update RPM and the “Software updates on StoreOnce VSA” section under StoreOnce VSA Deployment and Configuration Guide.


HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.16.2 for MS Azure

We now have a StoreOnce VSA available for deployment in the Microsoft Azure environment. You can find this through the Azure Marketplace (


And, search for HPE StoreOnce VSA to access the application page.
Or, directly access the page: 

This StoreOnce VSA works under a “BYOL” (bring your own license) model. You can purchase a perpetual license and use with a StoreOnce VSA in the MS Azure environment.

Any Microsoft Azure resources are billed by Microsoft and not part of this license.

Note: 4TB, 10TB, 20TB and 32TB capacity points are supported with the upgrades from 4TB to 10 TB, 10TB to 20TB and 20TB to 32TB are also available. The licenses are perpetual. 
Additional product information
Global Trade ID: -
Version: Various
Software specification: HPE StoreOnce VSA Upgrade Software v3.11.7 (EJ022-10538.rpm)
HPE StoreOnce VSA Upgrade Software v3.13.5 (P9L02-10525.rpm)
HPE StoreOnce VSA Upgrade Software v3.16.3 for v3.13.x (P9L02-10563.rpm)
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 - VMware ESXi edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 - Hyper-V edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 - VMW vCenter edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.18.7 - KVM edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA Upgrade Software v3.18.7 for v3.16.x (P9L02-10616.rpm)