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HPE StoreOnce VSA Gen 4 System Info

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HPE StoreOnce Gen 4 VSA

The HPE StoreOnce VSA extends the StoreOnce portfolio with the agility and flexibility of StoreOnce delivered as a virtual appliance, removing the need to install dedicated hardware. Its flexibility provides deduplicating, disk-based, cost effective backup storage to efficiently store your backup data. By choosing StoreOnce VSA you can benefit from all the StoreOnce capability by installing the virtual appliance into your VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Once installed and powered on, HPE StoreOnce VSA is used by backup and recovery applications as a backup target, in the same way as physical StoreOnce systems, and delivers the following benefits:

-   Exceptional value - install into an existing virtual environment for software defined deduplicating backup storage. The StoreOnce VSA license to use (LTU) includes HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, Replication, Secure erase and data immutability capabilities, for seamless data movement across the enterprise, replication capability to enable it to be a replication target, and HPE support for peace of mind. 

-   Easy to manage (locally): StoreOnce VSA can be managed using a local graphical interface (GUI). The local GUI is the same, well proven, interface used to manage the HPE StoreOnce physical systems and provides a consistent experience for enterprise-wide deployments.

-   Easy to manage (across the enterprise): for users with multiple StoreOnce systems and multiple StoreOnce VSAs, Federated Management enables centralized management for up to 20 StoreOnce physical systems and StoreOnce virtual appliances across multiple sites.

-   Rapid installation - Once downloaded, installation and configuration is simple and can be done through the native tools in ESX and Hyper-V as applicable. A Power shell script for installation and configuration is also available for the Hyper-V environment.


HPE StoreOnce VSA can be configured in Ethernet environments with StoreOnce Catalyst, VTL and NAS (CIFS & NFS) backup targets and in Fibre Channel environments with StoreOnce Catalyst and VTL.

HPE StoreOnce VSA includes an Instant-On license enabling all functionality for up to 90 days of operation. After that time, a paid license is required for continued use. All backup data will remain accessible after adding the license and all configuration settings will remain after adding the license. 


  • Increased Capacity: Supports up to 500 TB maximum capacity.

  • Flexible Capacity Licensing: More flexible capacity licensing scheme with licenses added in 1 TB increments

  • License Server: Supports HPE AutoPass License Server to manage licenses for dynamic and large StoreOnce VSA deployments.

  • 90-day evaluation period available.

  • All-inclusive licensing structure: The new generation of StoreOnce products move to an all-inclusive licensing structure. Now StoreOnce Catalyst and replication are included with the product at no additional charge (Encryption license at a nominal charge).

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): RBAC allows customers to assign different roles / permissions to users of their StoreOnce system

  • Federated Management: Allows customers to configure and monitor multiple next generation StoreOnce systems or VSAs in a single pane of glass, using a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Commvault support: Addition of Commvault support for catalyst/catalyst copy to enable deeper integration with StoreOnce.

  • Support for RMC direct datapath: Backup data is moved directly from 3PAR to StoreOnce without going through the RMC VM, reducing complexity and improving performance.

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Version: 4.1.0
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