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HP-UX Security Containment

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HP-UX 11i Security Containment introduces three core technologies: compartments, fine-grained privileges, and role-based access control. Together, these three components provide a highly secure operating environment without requiring applications to be modified. In addition, HP-UX 11i Security Containment makes several trusted mode security features available on standard mode HP-UX systems. These features are called the HP-UX Standard Mode Security Extensions.

With HP-UX 11i Security Containment, the HP-UX 11i v2 operating system provides a highly secure, easy to maintain, and backwards compatible environment to deploy business applications.

What Is in HP-UX 11i Security Containment Version B.11.23.01

HP-UX 11i Security Containment Version B.11.23.01 is a new feature release. It contains the following components:

  • Containment
    Containment includes the following features:
    • Compartments
    • Fine-grained privileges
  • RBAC
    RBAC includes HP-UX Role-Based Access Control (HP-UX RBAC).
  • Standard Mode Security Extensions
    HP-UX Standard Mode Security Extensions contains the following features:
    • Standard Mode Audit
    • User Database
    • Per-User Security Attributes

For list of included patches, refer to the HP-UX 11i Security Containment B.11.23.01 Release Notes.

Features and Benefits

HP-UX 11i Security Containment version B.11.23.01 includes the following features:
Additional product information
Product #: SecurityExt
Version: B.11.23.01
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v2 September 2004 or later(SecurityExt_B.11.23.01.depot)