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Superdome 2 Depot with Required HP-UX Components

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Initial HP-UX support for the new HPE Integrity Superdome 2 server models requires installation of the HP-UX 11i v3 September 2010 OE Update Release and the Required HP-UX Components listed below.

OE Update Releases before September 2010 do not support HP-UX for the new HPE Superdome 2 blades.

See the HP-UX 11i v3 Installation and Update Guide for September 2010, available at the Business Support Center, for known problems and issues.

Required HP-UX Components

The Superdome2-Required depot, which includes the following patches and diagnostics:

  • PHKL_41227 - 11.31 clock cumulative patch (required for HPVM hosts on Superdome 2)
  • PHKL_41301 - 11.31 PCI cumulative patch (handles new IO errors for PCI Error Recovery)
  • PHKL_41302 - 11.31 PCIe ER and virtualization support (provides FRU information for IO errors)
  • PHSS_41190 - 11.31 HPVM B.04.20.05 CORE PATCH
  • System Fault Management - SysFaultMgmt revision=C.
  • Direct Attached Storage Provider - DASProvider (WBEMP-Storage) revision=B.11.31.1009.01
  • Diagnostic and Support Tools - OnlineDiag revision=B.

    Download the Superdome2-Required depot by clicking Receive for Free.

    Your server will reboot after installing this depot.

    The SysFaultMgmt, WBEMP-Storage, and OnlineDiag bundles are also included in the Diagnostics Products Collection for the HP-UX 11i v3 Systems. These bundles are always installed together to support compatibility requirements. See the DiagProdCollection webpage for details.

Additional Requirements

Patches required for HP-UX 11i v2 guests running on an 11i v3 server blade host (available at the ITRC):

  • PHCO_40685 - 11.23 Cumulative machinfo command patch
  • PHKL_40684 - 11.23 Itanium 2 Processor information reporting

Additional HP-UX information is available at

Additional product information
Product #: Superdome2
Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3(Superdome2-Required.depot)