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Software Package Builder (SPB) provides a visual method to create and edit software packages using the HP-UX Software Distributor (SD-UX) package format. Once software is packaged, it can easily be transferred to a distribution medium, mass produced, and installed by administrators. The SPB graphical user interface (GUI) provides a window into the software package structure, showing attributes that can be set for each package element. SPB loads packaging policies and validates software package attributes against these policies. The SPB command line interface (CLI) can also perform validation of software package attributes against policies and can be added to an automated process for editing and validation of a PSF. Whether you are new to software packaging or an experienced packager, SPB can help you.


Software Package Builder (SPB) provides you with the ability to:

  • Create a product specification file (PSF) to organize files into products, filesets, and optionally, into bundles and subproducts.
  • Set attribute values to define the software package characteristics such as revision, architecture, file permissions, and dependencies.
  • Validate a PSF against packaging policies to ensure successful installation with the swpackage command and creation of an SD-UX depot.
  • Automate PSF edits and validation as part of the nightly build process using SPB CLI.
  • View and edit multiple PSFs.
  • View and validate depots and copy data from a depot to create a PSF.
  • Handle unregistered depot on a remote machine without throwing an error.
  • Test or create a software package by running the swpackage command from within the SPB GUI.
  • Validate and preview installation errors of the depot on multiple hosts, before installing the depot on the hosts.
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Product #: SwPkgBuilder     
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Version: A. / A.
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3 (SwPkgBuilder_A.
HP-UX 11i v2 (SwPkgBuilder_A.