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SysMgmtBase software forms the framework for HPE SMH (HPE System Management Homepage) TUI (text user interface) applications that can be started from the smh command. The software also contains a library that is used by the HPE SMH GUI (graphical user interface) applications to generate the web pages. The SysMgmtBase software is essential for HPE SMH (GUI and TUI) to work.

What is new in this release

This release of SysMgmtBase for HP-UX 11i v3 includes fixes for internally found defects.

For more information about the current changes in SysMgmtBase, see HPE System Management Homepage Release Notes available at

Additional product information
Product #: SysMgmtBASE     
Additional info
Global Trade ID: -
Version: B.
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3 (SysMgmtBASE_B.