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HPE Operations Agents for NonStop

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This site offers trial downloads that help you see the advantages of both the HPE Operations Agent and the HPE Performance Agent for NonStop for your installation. While these products were initially designed to enable management of NonStop servers within popular enterprise-wide management solutions, both products can be used in a homogenous NonStop server environment.

An IBM Tivoli Adaptor is also available. Please use the contact address below to inquire.

Features and Benefits

HPE Operations Agent for NonStop (OVNM)

  • Flexible management of NonStop server and application events
  • OVNM Console for NonStop server management
  • Support for multi-platform enterprise management through HPE Operations, IBM Tivoli, IBM� Tivoli� Netcool�/Impact software, BMC Patrol, and other solutions
  • Automatic discovery of NonStop server objects
  • Easy threshold setting on various objects with automatic forwarding of event messages directly to other enterprise management solutions

HPE Performance Agent for NonStop (OVNPM)

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Performance alerts
  • Historical trend analysis and capacity planning
  • Business-applications monitoring
  • Integration with HPE Operations and other enterprise management solutions

Download Instructions

To download one or both products to test for 60 days, use the button below and then provide your choices and your contact information in the registration form.

Date: 2009/05/07

Additional product information
Product #: T012V05_T0684AAJ
Version: V05,V01
Software specification: HPE Operations Agent for NonStop (
HPE Performance Agent for NonStop (