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HPE NonStop RPM - Real-time Process Monitor

RPM - Real-time Process Monitoring software is compatible with all NonStop servers,
including concurrent support of all NonStop D-, G-, H-, and J- series operating systems.

RPM provides ultra-fast, real-time, performance statistics along with color-encoded alerts about the busiest Cpus and Processes in one or more NonStop server nodes. RPM performance information can be displayed by Cpu, by Node, by selected sets of Nodes, or for an entire network of NonStop servers.

RPM Feature Summary

  • RPM is engineered for HPE NonStop servers

  • Efficient low-overhead algorithm requires neither Super nor Measure

  • Discovers busiest Cpus and Processes on NonStop servers

  • Continuously displays busy Cpus and Processes

  • Can be run directly from TACL prompt, eg TACL 1 > RPM

  • Run line configurable allows wide range of interfaces and configurations

  • Instantaneous startup and display in less than one second

  • User configurable sample intervals

  • Allows fast sample times down to 1 second

  • ByCpu displays busiest processes in a particular Cpu

  • ByNode displays busiest processes in an entire NonStop node/segment

  • Add Node displays collections of NonStop servers, eg from 1 to 1000 Cpus

  • Reports can be on a single Cpu, a single Node, or an entire Expand network

  • Options provided for sorting, filtering, and color-encoding statistics in real-time

  • Supports many interfaces including: TTY, T6530, VT100, Process, and Disk output

  • Supports ANSI allowing RPM to natively run on any Windows or Linux workstation

  • Monitors, analyzes, and displays both OSS and NSK process paths and filenames

Technical questions >> email RPM support.

Additional product information
Product #: T0877
Global Trade ID: -
Version: V01/H01
Software specification: HPE NonStop RPM(rpmunpak.100)