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Advanced Printing Software

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Product details and specifications

Advanced Printing Software is an adaptation of Xerox Corporation's PrintXchange printing system software. Advanced Printing Software running on Tru64 UNIX represents a quantum leap in print system management and functionality.

System Highlights include:

  • A complete print job management system
  • ISO-10175 (DPA) Object-oriented print system model and architecture
  • POSIX 1387.4 CLI Command Set
  • Distributed client-server architecture
  • CDE GUI utilities for users, operators, and system administrators
  • Logical/Physical printer distinction makes configuration flexible
  • NIS/yp and LDAP-based name services distribute printer information throughout your organization
  • Inbound and outbound gateways exchange print jobs with lpr/lpd


Additional product information
Product #: T64_APX
Version: V1.2E
Software specification: Advanced Printing Software V1.2E(apx125.tar.gz)