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The HPE Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI) Advanced Development Kit for HPE Alpha platforms permits continuous low-overhead profiling of entire systems, including the kernel, user programs, drivers, and shared libraries. The system is efficient enough that it can be left running all the time, allowing it to be used to drive online profile-based optimizations for production systems.

The Continuous Profiling Infrastructure maintains a database of profile information that is incrementally updated for every executable image that runs. A suite of profile analysis tools analyzes the profile information at various levels. At one extreme, the tools show what fraction of cpu cycles were spent executing the kernel and each user program. At the other extreme, the tools show how long a particular instruction stalls on average, for example, because of a D-cache miss.

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Note:  This DCPI Advanced Development Kit (ADK) is provided as a highly-functional pre-release kit and is subject to change without notice. 


  • Any Tru64 UNIX version 4.0D through 5.1B.

Required patches:

    • For V4.0D, Patch Level 4
    • For V4.0E, Patch Level 1

Ordering information is available on the Tru64 UNIX web site.


Additional product information
Product #: T64_DCPI     
Additional info
Version: V4.0.1
Software specification: V4.0.1(DCPI-V4.0.1.tar.Z)