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Developers' toolkit for Tru64 UNIX

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The Developers Toolkit for Tru64 UNIX provides:

  • An ANSI compliant C compiler with advanced optimization capabilities
  • A debugger that supports threads services to optimize SMP systems
  • In-depth profiling and reordering tools that analyze CPU usage, heap memory and streamline applications
  • Porting tools that reduce the time and cost of moving applications from 32-bit UNIX systems to Tru64 UNIX
  • GUI-based development and traditional command line interfaces
  • An extensive library of routines that simplify the process of creating your own development tools

You can improve the quality of your applications, optimize the power of Alpha and streamline your development timeline!

The Developers' Toolkit for Tru64 UNIX is a prerequisite for all Tru64 UNIX development tools, and languages.


Additional product information
Product #: T64_DTK
Version: -
Software specification: Compaq C V6.5-303(DTC650.tar.gz)
Graphical Program Analysis Tools V3.1-5(GPA315.tar.gz)
Ladebug V69 for Tru64 UNIX V5(LDB469V5.tar)
Ladebug V69 for Tru64 UNIX V4(LDB469V4.tar)
Program Analysis Tools V2.10(DTL210.tar.gz)
Spike V5.2-511(DTL210.tar.gz)
Visual Threads V2.2-023(DVT220.tar.gz)
Tru64 UNIX Programmers Guide(DTD210.tar.gz)