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Internet monitor for Tru64 UNIX

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The Internet Monitor allows administrators to closely monitor the performance of mission-critical Internet services such as Web, E-mail, and news services. Automatic corrective actions can be initiated whenever performance of Internet services drops below administrator-defined thresholds. Historical reports and graphs of the performance of Internet services over time can be generated.

The Internet Monitor for Tru64 UNIX kit contains the installable (setld) kit and sources packaged in the form of a gzipped tar file. Unzip the file using the gunzip(1) utility, unpack the tar file into a directory using the tar(1) command. Before installing the software, please read for Tru64 UNIX ReadMe for important information about the kit.

The following components must be installed and running before installing the kit:

Secure Web Server 1.3 powered by Apache 1.3 (IAEAPCH670)

PostgreSQL v8.2.4 (IAEPSQL670)

Internet Monitor Documentation (IAEMOND670)

Tomcat Java Servlet and JSP Engine v5.5.25 (IAETOMCAT670)

Additional product information
Product #: T64_IMON
Version: 610
Software specification: Internet Monitor for Tru64 UNIX (imon610.tar.gz)