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Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX (powered by Apache)

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The Secure Web Server 6.10.0 kit for Tru64 UNIX (78 MB) contains the SWS sources in addition to the setld installable SWS kit.

The kit requires Tru64 UNIX V5.1B, or higher, and are packaged in the form of a gzipped tar file. Unzip the file using the gunzip(1) utility, unpack the tar file into a directory using the tar(1) command, and then follow the installation instructions in the Installation Guide. Before installing the software, review the Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX Product Description for important information about the kit.

The additional information button accesses the Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX Product Description. You can access the Installation Guide from that site.


Additional product information
Product #: T64_SWS
Version: 6.10.0
Software specification: Secure Web Server 6.10.0 for Tru64 UNIX (sws-v6_1_0_kit.tar.gz)