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xmesh Utility for Tru64 UNIX

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The xmesh utility displays the CPU mesh, which is the interconnection of CPUs on the next generation AlphaServer systems based on the Alpha EV7 processor. For each CPU, xmesh reports the utilization for its associated hardware components, such as the CPU, the ZBox (the memory controller), the RBox I/O Port, IO7 (ports 0, 1, 2, and 3), the Up and Down Hoses, and the North, South, East and West interprocessor ports.

A spectrum of 10 colors indicates levels of utilization for each hardware component. The colors range from purple, which indicates low utilization, to red, which indicates high utilization.

The information obtained from xmesh can be used to

  • monitor data flow between CPUs
  • determine resource bottlenecks and watch for non-optimal performance
  • identify applications that are memory, I/O, or CPU intensive

Xmesh can only be run on AlphaServer systems based on the Alpha EV7 processor running Tru64 UNIX V5.1B.

Note: xmesh does not change system parameters or configuration.

To install xmesh, perform the following steps:

1.       Download the xmesh101 kit.

2.       Log in as root.

3.       Unpack the kit: tar xvf xmesh101.tar.

4.       Install the kit:

setld -l xmesh/kit

5.       Follow the instructions in the "/usr/opt/XMESH/driver/README" file for installing the new driver and creating a device file.

You should add "/usr/opt/XMESH/bin" to your PATH variable before "/usr/bin/X11" to ensure that the most current version of xmesh is invoked.



Additional product information
Product #: T64_xmesh
Version: 101
Software specification: xmesh 101(xmesh101.tar)