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HPE StoreOnce VSA 60-Day Evaluation

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Product details and specifications

This is a 60 day trial version of the HPE StoreOnce VSA. It has the same features as the sold StoreOnce VSA products enabling it to be evaluated for up to 60 days. The StoreOnce VSA delivers a high efficiency StoreOnce deduplicating and replicating backup target as a virtual appliance.

You create NAS shares, virtual tape libraries or use the backup and recovery optimized StoreOnce Catalyst interface for efficient operation with all leading backup and recovery software applications. Backup data security is assured with data at rest encryption and secure erase to prevent reading of expired backup data. For added protection, you can deploy multiple StoreOnce VSAs so backup data can be moved off site using deduplication-optimized replication over a LAN or WAN.

This 60 day evaluation enables from 1TB up to 50TB backup data capacity. If you want to continue to use the StoreOnce VSA after the 60 day trial, the trial StoreOnce VSA can be simply upgraded by purchasing a license for 4TB, 10TB, 20TB, 32TB and 50TB. Just make sure the purchased license is equal or bigger capacity than the configured storage from the 60 day trial version. At the end of the 60 day evaluation, StoreOnce VSA becomes read only and application of a paid license unlocks it for full use.


Summary Specifications


Up to 50TB

Logical capacity

1PB with typical deduplication of 20:1

Hypervisors supported

VMware ESXi 6.5, 6.0 and 5.5, Windows Server Hyper-V 2012 R2 and KVM (Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3).
see for details

Backup application support

All leading backup applications, see for details

Minimum resources needed

1TB to 4TB: 2 x vCPU (2.2GHz), 16GB vRAM
4TB to 10TB: 4 x vCPU (2.2GHz), 24GB vRAM

10TB to 20TB: 6 x vCPU (2.2GHz), 26GB vRAM
20TB to 50TB: 12 x vCPU (2.2GHz), 32GB vRAM

Backup targets

Up to 16, any mix of NFS, CIFS, VTL, Catalyst

Technical support

Self-service support only, see documentation at 

Care Packs

No Care Packs are available for the 60 day trial StoreOnce VSA, if HPE support is needed, the options are to purchase 4TB, 10TB, 20TB, 32TB or 50TB license

License to use

Perpetual licenses from date of license acquisition, enables all product features.


Controlled Release for the new HPE StoreOnce System Software

The latest version of the StoreOnce System Software is available now for the StoreOnce VSA, 3520, 3540, 5100, 5500 and 6600 models in a controlled release program.

StoreOnce 3.17.1 adds the Cloud Bank Storage feature which enables the capacity of StoreOnce System to be increased by connecting external Object Storage. Cloud Bank is an extension to StoreOnce Catalyst with Cloud Bank Storage (connected external object storage) designed for the long term, low cost storage, of backup data copies. If you want to leverage the benefits of object storage to lower the cost of backup data with long retention requirements and to participate in the controlled release program please complete the controlled release registration survey.

At the end of this controlled release period the Cloud Bank Storage will be made generally available in a StoreOnce System software update.

The 3.17.1 release notes are here.

Additional product information
Product #: TC458-63102
Version: StoreOnce 3.16.3
Software specification: HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3 - VMware ESXi edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3 - Hyper-V (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3 - VMware vCenter edition (
HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.16.3 - KVM edition (