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The Application Performance Standard Meter service is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to measure and analyze the resource consumption of consolidated applications systems like SAP in adaptive or cloud environments, where the application systems are spread over multiple servers or one server is running multiple applications systems or both. The service can also be used for fully automated discovery and base-lining of SAP systems and other pre-configured applications automatically (even when moved between servers).

The APS Meter needs an agent software installed on each to-be-metered server. To get access to the agent software the company account needs to be created on the APS Meter portal and instructions are sent to the user. The APS Meter agent can use the HPE Performance Agent for some of its data collection, or use its own collection functions. The APS Meter agent comes in OS typical installation packages: rpm, swinstall and msi. These installation packages install all files and creates the necessary folders and services.

The APS Meter can also be installed as a Central Server - this is then called the UCS Meter. This central server offeres a comfortable user interface for the installation process and the communication with HPE.

The installation dialog ends with the registration of the server at the APS Meter portal. The installation usually takes a few minutes per server. After all servers are registered, the access to the portal needs to be created and the servers are added to the report profile. When the APS Meter has collected the data of an entire day it sends the data nightly through the Central Server to the APS Meter Portal.

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Upgrading from previous versions

Please follow the instructions in the APSMeter Upgrade Guide. HPUX(IA), Linux and Windows agents are updated automatically through the updater function of the UCS Meter. From older versions without the Central Meter the update is through a deinstall and reinstall. 

Additional product information
Product #: U1V76E
Version: 1.8
Software specification: APSMeter Install Guide (APS_Meter_Service_1.8-Installation_and_maintenance_manual.pdf)
APSMeter Release note (Meter_1.8-Release_Note.pdf)
APSMeter HPUX install (apsmeter-1.8-hpux-ia64.depot)
APSMeter Linux install (apsmeter-1.8.noarch.rpm)
APSMeter Windows install (UCSMeter-1.8.msi)