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HP-UX Parallel Umounts (UmountallEnh)

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Product details and specifications

HP-UX Parallel Umounts (UmountallEnh) 1.0 is a multi threaded umountall feature that unmounts all or selected filesystems in parallel.

What's new

  • New command binary

The Parallel Umounts feature is delivered as the following binary /sbin/umountall_enh.

  • Modified shutdown script

The shutdown script, localmount, is changed to support parallel umounts during shutdown. This is delivered as the following EP patch: 

For HP-UX 11i v3  PHCO_38766.

For HP-UX 11i v2  PHCO_36566.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses light weight pthread library.
  • Reduces shut down time because of unmounting filesystems in parallel.
  • Can scale up to any number of mounted filesystems.
Additional product information
Product #: UmountallEnh
Version: 1.0
Software specification: HP-UX B.11.31
HP-UX B.11.23