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VFS-SHWRSPL-ENH, Revision B.11.31.01

VFS-SHWRSPL-ENH is an optional product bundle. It contains the product VfsShwrsplEnh, revision B.11.31.01. This product uses the new lock interfaces from SyncShwrspl product delivered in KERN-SHWRSPL, revision B.11.31.01 bundle, to enhance the pathname traversal component of HP-UX kernel to reduce vnode spinlock contention on high end superdomes. It also exports few interfaces to ISU products to modify the vnode reference count using the new locking mechanism. This enhancement has to be installed on configurations (single npar or stand alone systems) having more than 128 number of processing units, where the work load frequently involves translating a pathname to vnode such as open, stat, find etc.


What is new in this Release(B.11.31.02)?

This release of VFS-SHWRSPL-ENH contains the defect fix for QXCR1001261916.



For pathname component of the kernel to use the new interfaces from SyncShwrspl product, the bundle KERN-SHWRSPL, B.11.31.01 has to be installed along with VFS-SHWRSPL-ENH bundle. This product update does not have any impact in the pathname traversal component of the kernel if any of the bundles mentioned above are not installed.


Additional product information
Product #: VfsShwrsplEnh
Version: 2.0
Software specification: HP-UX 11.31 IA(HP-UX_11.31_IA_VFS_SHWRSPL_ver2.depot)