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The WBEMP-LAN provider is supported on HP-UX 11i v1, and HP-UX 11i v2 OS. The software bundle name is WBEMP-LAN-00.

Note: September 2011 web release onwards, all the HP-UX 11i v3 version of WBEM providers and Diagnostics products, are available for download on the "WBEM Management bundle for HP-UX 11i v3" bundle page at bundle is released only on the web.

HPE WBEMP-LAN Features and Benefits

Following is a list of features and benefits of the HPE WBEMP-LAN Provider:

You can use WBEM-based clients to:

  • Access the LAN Provider and collect information about the Ethernet links on your system.
  • Access the LAN Indication Provider and receive WBEM notifications for Ethernet link events on your system.
  • Access the LAN Consolidated Status Provider and receive the consolidated health status of the Ethernet link events on your system.

Product documentation

The product datasheet and Release Notes is available at: .

Additional product information
Product #: WBEMP-LAN-00
Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v2 (WBEMP-LAN-00_B.11.23.1009_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot)