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Product details and specifications

The SysMgmtPlus product displays the property pages of various devices and firmware on HPE System Management Homepage (HPE SMH). The display capabilities of SysMgmtPlus are enhanced to enable dynamic display of content. You can hide or display details of the devices and firmware on the system.

Features and benefits

SysMgmtPlus offers the following features and benefits:

  • SysMgmtPlus greatly increases the speed of certain page updates.
  • Enables HPE SMH to display enhanced property pages.

New features for March 2013



Each new version may incorporate improvements in the interface, tools, or functionality. The newer versions support more hardware. If your system has new hardware, you must update to a version that supports the hardware.

SysMgmtPlus only supports HPE System Management Home Page 3.0 (SysMgmtWeb revision A.3.x.x) or later.

The various notations in the software versions are explained in the following table:

Notations Description
ID number (for example, A.03.00.xx) Software Depot ID number which can be displayed using the "swlist" command
xx String used for HPE internal use only
Version number (for example, A.3.x.x) Appears when the HPE System Management Home Page program is executed.

Terms and Conditions

SysMgmtPlus is supported as part of your operating system contract.

At its discretion, HPE produces patches for SysMgmtPlus.

Return and Refund Policy

Not applicable.

Last updated

Monday February 11, 2013

Additional product information
Product #: WBEMP-Storage
Version: March 2013
Software specification: