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HPE WBEM Services for HP-UX

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HPE WBEM Services for HP-UX

Installation instructions

 The HPE WBEM Services for HP-UX product is the HP-UX implementation of the DMTF WBEM standard.

WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management) is a platform and resource independent Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) standard that defines both a common information model and protocol for monitoring and controlling resources from diverse sources.

Installation steps

1.     Download the HP-UX depot for HPE WBEM Services for HP-UX to a local directory on the system. Click Select to download the depot pages.

2.     After downloading the depot, log in as root.

3.     Run the following command to install HPE WBEM Services for HP-UX:

 swinstall -s <downloaded depot name> WBEMServices

4. Run the following HP-UX command to verify if HPE WBEM Services is installed:

swverify WBEMServices

5. If HPE WBEM Services is installed, the following message is displayed:

Verification succeeded

After installing HPE WBEM Services, the CIM Server is in a running state.


Additional product information
Product #: WBEMSvcs     
Additional info
Version: A.02.13.05/A.02.09.16/A.02.07.08
Software specification: HP-UX 11.31(WBEMMgmtBundle_C.12.01_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA.depot)
HP-UX 11.23(WBEMSvcs_A.02.09.16_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot)
HP-UX 11.11(WBEMSvcs_A.02.07.08_HP-UX_B.11.11_32_64.depot)
HPE WBEM Services Release Notes for HP-UX 11i v2 Version A.02.09.16(819691-002.pdf)
HPE WBEM Services Release Notes for HP-UX 11i v1 Version A.02.07.08(819690-002.pdf)