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HPE Wildebeest Debugger

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The HPE Wildebeest Debugger (WDB) is an HPE supported implementation of the Open Source GNU debugger (GDB). The HPE WDB GUI is a graphical user interface (GUI) designed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise for the HPE Wildebeest Debugger (WDB).


  • Reporting files open by an application
  • Improved understanding of scope resolution operator in GDB expressions
  • Smarter printing of function pointers
  • Intuitive leak reports
  • Debugging with debug information available in the side debug file
  • Support for mmapfile command

HPE WDB graphical user interface v6.2

  • Support for graphical display of batch RTC reports
  • Support for graphical display of runtime heap and leaks
  • Support for display of Nat Values for floating point registers
  • Support for different display formats in register view
  • Enhanced display for execution path

For more information

WDB documentation is available on HPESC.

Additional product information
Product #: WDB
Global Trade ID: -
Version: 6.8
Software specification: WDB with GUI (HP-WDB-6.8-WithGUI-IA.depot)
WDB without GUI (HP-WDB-6.8-WithoutGUI.depot)