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HP-UX Workload Manager (WLM) Toolkits consist of utilities and examples that make it easier to deploy WLM for the management of specific mission-critical software products.  The current release (A.01.10 for HP-UX 11i v1 and HP-UX 11i v2; A.01.10.02 for HP-UX 11i v3) contains:

  • WLM Oracle Database Toolkit
  • WLM Apache Toolkit
  • WLM BEA WebLogic Server Toolkit
  • WLM SAP Toolkit
  • WLM SNMP Toolkit

WLM Toolkits is in the WLMToolkits bundle, formerly the T1302AA bundle.

WLM Oracle Database Toolkit

The WLM Oracle Database Toolkit (ODBTK) allows you to collect performance metrics from Oracle database instances.  The key benefit of using Oracle database metrics with WLM is that you can use these metrics to manage the performance of your instances. You can specify service-level objectives (SLOs) in WLM for the instances based on the metrics.

For example, with these metrics you can:

  • Keep response times for your transactions below a given level by setting response-time SLOs
  • Increase an instance's available CPU resources when a particular user connects to the instance
  • Increase an instance's available CPU resources when more than n users are connected
  • Increase an instance's available CPU resources when a particular job is active
  • Give an instance n CPU shares for each process in the instance
  • Give an instance n CPU shares for each user connection to the instance

WLM Apache Toolkit

The WLM Apache Toolkit (ApacheTK) facilitates the management and prioritization of Apache-based workloads.

ApacheTK helps you:

  • Separate Apache from Oracle database instances
  • Separate Apache from batch work
  • Isolate a resource-intensive CGI workload
  • Isolate a resource-intensive servlet workload
  • Separate all Apache Tomcat workloads from other Apache workloads
  • Separate two departments' applications using two Apache instances
  • Separate module-based workloads with two Apache instances
  • Manage Apache allocation by performance goal

WLM BEA WebLogic Server Toolkit

The WLM BEA WebLogic Server Toolkit (WebLogicTK) facilitates the management and prioritization of WebLogic Server workloads.

WebLogicTK helps you:

  • Manually provide a single instance an increasing amount of CPU resources in the form of a dynamic PSET (processor set) for benchmarking
  • Separate an instance from other workloads, as well as from other instances, while automatically maintaining performance using a dynamic PSET based on:
    • Group CPU usage
    • Server instance queue metrics

WLM SAP Toolkit

The WLM SAP Toolkit provides a script (called wlmsapmap) that identifies SAP processes based on user-defined criteria and uses WLM�s process maps feature to place the SAP processes in specific workload groups. (The process maps feature was introduced with HP-UX WLM A.03.01.)

The WLM SAP Toolkit enables you to isolate SAP workloads. You can use WLM to prioritize and assign specific SAP processes to workload groups. The toolkit allows you to separate SAP processes at the following levels:

  • SAP system
  • SAP instance
  • SAP process types (such as batch, dialog, and update)

WLM SNMP Toolkit

The WLM SNMP Toolkit (SNMPTK) helps you pull data from the HP-UX SNMP agent for use in your WLM configuration files. You can then use this data to:

  • Drive SLO goals
  • Set up shares-per-metric entitlements
  • Enable and disable SLOs

 What do I need to use the WLM Toolkits?
  • You need either an HPE 9000 system running HP-UX 11i v1 (B.11.11), HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23), or HP-UX 11i v3 (B.11.31) or an HPE Integrity system running HP-UX 11i v2 or HP-UX 11i v3
  • HP-UX WLM A.01.02 or greater (see the WLM Toolkits release notes for details)
  • 3 Mbytes of disk space
  • Memory requirements for the individual toolkits are:
    • ODBTK: 6 Mbytes of memory
    • ApacheTK: 1 Mbyte of memory
    • WebLogicTK: 1 Mbyte of memory
    • SAP Toolkit: 1 Mbyte of memory
    • SNMPTK: 1 Mbyte of memory

Where can I learn how to use the WLM Toolkits?
The toolkit user's guide, in PDF format, is installed on the system when the toolkit bundle is installed. It is located in /opt/wlm/toolkits/doc/.

Additionally, each toolkit includes manpages for its utilities. The toolkits also come with examples showing how to use the utilities to send metrics to WLM and how to configure WLM to set goals based on those metrics. For pointers to these manpages and the examples, see the wlmtk(5) manpage.

How do I get WLM Toolkits?
Download the bundle from this page (click the [Receive for Free] button) and install using swinstall(1M).  The toolkit bundle is also available on the quarterly Application Release media and will be automatically installed when you install HP-UX Workload Manager version A.01.02 or greater. (WLM A.03.02 provides WLM Toolkits A.01.10; WLM A.03.02.02 provides WLM Toolkits A.01.10.01; WLM A.03.05 provides WLM Toolkits A.01.10.02.)

Additional product information
Product #: WLMToolkits     
Additional info
Version: A.01.10, A.01.10.02
Software specification: A.01.10 for HP-UX 11i v1(WLMToolkits_A.01.10_HP-UX_B.11.11_32_64.depot)
A.01.10 for HP-UX 11i v2(WLMToolkits_A.01.10_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot)
A.01.10.02 for HP-UX 11i v3(WLMToolkits_A.01.10.02_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)