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OpenStack for HP-UX offers customers the ability to use Integrity based servers and HP-UX Operating System in private cloud based environments. This product offering is ideal for organizations that are looking to modernize their infrastructure and move towards private cloud paradigm. Two flavors of this product are available which adds support for Integrity based servers and HP-UX Operating System through OpenStack. First is an extension to HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 and the second is based on Mitaka OpenStack. In combination with world class capabilities provided by the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system, this solution helps create hybrid infrastructure that is agile and cost effective.

This version of the product supports the following features:

A. For Integrity based bare-metal servers

  •  Discover Integrity server details and add them to resource pool

  • Enroll Integrity bare-metal servers into a resource pool

  • Administrator/User can perform power management on enrolled bare-metal servers (Power ON/OFF)

  • Deploy HP-UX OE image (Standard HP-UX OE depot, Customized HP-UX OE depot and golden images) using Ignite-UX server

  • Remove the Integrity server from the resource poolTerminal Console Access through web interface

  • Terminal console access through web interface


B. For Integrity Virtual Machines (VM) and Virtual Partitions (vPars)

  • Register an HPE Integrity Virtual Machine host as a compute node

  • Provision HPVM guest (vPAR/VM) from a configured HPVM host

  • Carve out required resources (like CPU, Memory, etc) to provision an Integrity/HP-UX Virtual Machine

  •  Deploy HP-UX image (Standard HP-UX OE depot, Customized HP-UX OE depot and golden image) using Ignite-UX server

  • Basic guest operations (like Start/Stop/Shutdown/etc.)

  • Allocate storage from configured volume group for root disk

  • Capability to delete a Virtual Machine

  • Terminal Console Access through web interface

  • Provision network services

  • SSH key based authentication

  • Run user-defined script post provisioning

  • Cinder Features :

    • Creation of volume

    • Deletion of volume

    • Creation of snapshot

    • Deletion of snapshot

    • Attach and detach 3PAR block storage

  • Deploy HP-UX on 3PAR cinder volume

  • Launch new instances using a 3PAR cinder volume containing HP-UX boot image

  • Onboard existing guests into HPE Helion OpenStack for HPE Integrity


For more information, see the "OpenStack for HP-UX v1.1 Release Notes" and "OpenStack for HP-UX v1.1 Administrator Guide here" here .

OpenStack for HP-UX supports provisioning of Integrity based servers, Virtual Partitions (vPars - 6.x releases), and Integrity Virtual Machine's (6.x release) running HP-UX 11i Version 3 (11.31).

Updated: November 2017

Additional product information
Product #: Z7550-02095
Version: 1.1
Software specification: HPE Helion OpenStack package for HP-UX Integrity (Z7550-02272.tar)
Mitaka OpenStack package for HP-UX Integrity enablement (Z7550-02273.tar)