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HPE Power Protector Linux x86 v2.00.073

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Product details and specifications

HPE Power Protector (HPEPP) is an application that enables administrators to manage an HPE UPS from a browser based management console. Administrators can monitor, manage, and control a single UPS locally and remotely.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable power backup and graceful system shut down in the event of a power failure
  • Monitor, manage, and communicate with a UPS through a USB port, serial port, or an installed HPE UPS Network Module
  • Perform scheduled graceful shut downs of attached equipment
  • Notify admin personnel in the event of a power failure
  • Easy-to-use browser interface


  • Fix for SSL socket which enables more TLS protocol compatibility.
  • Language value is displayed as undefined by default in the System page.
  • Unable to see the power source information when editing node information more than 100 chararcters.
  • Got warning message while uninstall the HPPP in RHEL 7.1.
  • HPE Rebranding fixes.


Additional product information
Product #: Z7550-02324
Global Trade ID: Z7550-63279
Version: 2.00.073
Software specification: HPEPP_2.00.073_Linux x86 (HPEPP_2.00.073_Linux_x86_Z7550-02324.tar.gz)