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HPE Global Workload Manager

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HPE Global Workload Manager (gWLM) enables you to centrally define resource-sharing policies that you can use across multiple HPE servers. These policies increase system utilization and facilitate controlled sharing of system resources. In addition, gWLM provides both real-time and historical monitoring of the resource allocation.

HPE Global Workload Manager Agent (gWLMAgent) runs on HP-UX systems where users want gWLM to manage the system resources. The gWLMAgent daemon/service arbitrates CPU requests from policies on the system, deciding the CPU allocations that each compartment of workload receives.

For more details about gWLM, see the HPE Global Workload Manager User Guide, select HPE Matrix Operating Environment for Integrity Servers under HPE Insight Management, which is available at:

The Global Workload Manager product is available as part of the HPE Matrix Operating Environment (earlier known as HP Insight Dynamics - VSE for Integrity) Suite at:
HPE Matrix Operating Environment Suite Download Page

Additional product information
Product #: gwlm
Global Trade ID: -
Version: A.
Software specification: HPE-UX B.11.31 IA (gWLMAgent_A.
HPE-UX B.11.23 IA (gWLMAgent_A.
HPE-UX B.11.23 IA (gWLMAgent_A.
HPE-UX B.11.31 IA (gWLMAgent_A.
HPE-UX 11.31 IA (gWLMAgent_A.