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Integrity Virtual Machines V4.3 (HP-UX 11i v3 VM Host)

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The HPE Integrity Virtual Machines product (Integrity VM) is a robust soft partitioning and virtualization technology that provides operating system isolation, with sub-CPU allocation granularity and shared I/O. Integrity VM allows you to create a virtual machine - a software abstraction that presents all of the interfaces provided by a computer system's hardware.

The Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.3 product supports a VM Host on the HP-UX 11i v3 1103 operating system. In addition, Integrity VM Version 4.3 supports Online VM Migration, which allows you to migrate all of your guests from one VM Host to one or more other VM Hosts without interrupting the workload activity on the guests. Online VM Migration is a separate product (T8718AC) that you can order for a fee and obtain from the AR. The trial version of this product does allow you to try Online VM Migration along with the other new features in Integrity VM Version 4.3.

To begin evaluating the V4.3 product by itself, click [Select] button, below. This will download the trial version of HPE Integrity Virtual Machines (HPVM_1105), which expires after 90 days.

The trial version of the software is provided for evaluation purposes only, and no support is provided or implied. If you already have a version of T2767BC or T2767CC installed, you must remove it before installing the trial software. Any existing guests will be preserved. Note, you must remove the trial software before installing the supported version of the software. Again, any existing guests will be preserved.

To purchase the HPE Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.3 product (T2767CC), contact your HPE representative or reseller.

The WBEM Services Provider (VMProvider) and the accompanying library (VMGuestLib) allow you to manage your VM Host system and guests using HPE Integrity Virtual Machines Manager. They are included with the Integrity Virtual Machines product, or the latest version can be downloaded separately.

The following AVIO software is available for HP-UX:

  • AVIO Software for HP-UX 11i v3
  • AVIO Software for HP-UX 11i v2

To download the trial version of HPE Integrity Virtual Machines V4.3, click the [Select] button below.

Additional product information
Product #: integrity_vm43
Version: 4.3
Software specification: HPVM_1105(HPVM_1105)