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HP Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux - HP Management Base

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HP Management Base v.2.19-12 for HP Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux 2.14

HP Management Base (hpmgmtbase) is a collection of software that includes driver modules, daemons, shared libraries, lookup files, and utility support for other HP manageability software (such as SNMP Agents or WBEM providers). It is also provided within the HP Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux available from

Other components of HP Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux(IFIL) are available for download at IFIL - Overview.

All HP Integrity servers provide their platform manageability information via hardware that realizes the Intelligent Platform Management Initiative (IPMI) specification. A key component of IPMI is the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC). Access to the BMC under Linux access is granted by the Open IPMI device driver.

The Open IPMI device driver started as an independent project and was accepted into the formal Linux kernel as of 2.4.22, 2.6 and 3.0.76. During its development, this driver has not taken full advantage of the capabilities of HP Integrity platforms. Some problems do exist with older commercial Linux distributions:

  • The driver is not included at all.

  • The driver is included but does not work across the entire Integrity line.

HP provides hpmgmtbase to ship a driver with appropriate patches that works on all supported commercial Linux distributions for all Integrity servers. Other utilities and support files comprise the remainder of hpmgmtbase.


  • Supported Platforms

    HP Management Base can be installed on HP Integrity servers.

  • Required Hard Disk Space

    The minimum amount of hard disk space needed for this product is 20 MB.

Installation Prerequisites

A typical server installation usually includes these items needed by hpmgmtbase will not install without these items.

  • An officially supported version, update, or errata kernel for

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (AS) 4.0

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (AS) 5.0

    • SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9.0 (Not supported after HPIEFPL 2.4, HPIEFPL is the formerly name of IFIL)

    • SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10.0

    • SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11.0

    RedHat AS 2.1 and SLES 8 are only supported on the following legacy entry-level Integrity servers:

    • rx2600 and rx6000

    • rx5670

  • rpm, the RPM package manager

  • bash, along with many common shell utilities, including the following:

    • awk

    • cut

    • grep

    • ls

  • insmod/modprobe/depmod/rmmod from the modutils package

  • objcopy and objdump from the binutils package

    Install HP Management Base

    1. Obtain the latest hpmgmtbase for your core distribution. There is one provided for each major vendor release. For example, hpmgmtbase2.17-18.rhel5.ia64.rpm is the 2.17 version of hpmgmtbase compiled for Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 5 and all updates.

    2. As root, run the following command:

      # rpm -Uvh hpmgmtbase-xxxxx.ia64.rpm

      where xxxxx is the Linux distribution version.

      The installation will take approximately 30 seconds as the contents of the SDRR are read and cached for future use.

    3. Run the hpbmc command with no arguments. If the installation encounters no errors, you should see a summary of your platform (model name, serial numbers, firmware revisions, IP addresses).

Additional product information
Product #: linhpmgmtbase
Version: 2.19-13
Software specification: IFIL HPMgmtbase RHEL4 (Z7550-00206.rpm)
IFIL HPMgmtbase RHEL5 (Z7550-01761.rpm)
IFIL HPMgmtbase SLES10 (Z7550-00208.rpm)
IFIL HPMgmtbase SLES11 (Z7550-01255.rpm)
IFIL HPMGMTBASE SLES 9 Z7550-00123 (hpmgmtbase-2.9-11.sles9.ia64.rpm)