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HPE Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Linux - SmartSetup Scripting Toolkit

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HPE SmartSetup Scripting Toolkit v.3.5-7 for HPE Integrity Servers with Linux for Intel® Itanium® Systems

The HPE SmartSetup Scripting Toolkit (SSTK) enables you to deploy a large number of HPE Integrity Intel® Itanium® servers rapidly and efficiently. Using SSTK, you can develop custom scripts that simplify server deployments by automating various hardware configuration and software installation operations. SSTK can set specific Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) boot variables, create disk partitions, and tie into the standard unattended installation process to install the OS and selected applications.

The SSTK product is delivered on the HPE Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux (IFIL) on Intel® Itanium® Servers Support Pack media

The HPE Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Linux is used to install tools, functionality, and utilities, such as HPE system management software. It includes documentation for all of the products that are included in the HPIEFPL Support Pack, such as the SmartSetup Scripting Toolkit Deployment Guide: HPE Integrity Servers with Linux for Intel Itanium Systems.

Other components of HPE Insight Foundation Suite for Integrity with Linux (IFIL) are available for download at IFIL - Overview.


  • Supported Platforms

    The SSTK package can be used to script installs and hardware configurations on single core HPE Integrity servers. The supported platforms are:

    • HPVM
    • bl860C
    • bl870C
    • rx1620
    • rx2620
    • rx2660
    • rx3600
    • rx4640
    • rx6600
    • rx7640
    • rx8640
    • sx2000 (Not on SLES10)

    For more specific platform information, see the Linux on Integrity Servers Web site.

  • Supported Distributions

    The SmartSetup Scripting Toolkit can be used to install the following Linux 64-bit distributions:

    • Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5 Update 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    • Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 Update 4,5,6,7,8
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 1,2,3,4

    Ensure that you have the one of the supported distributions installed on your server. If you are running an OS with a different update number or service pack than those listed, this product is not guaranteed to work. You can obtain the version designed to operate correctly on your HPE Integrity server from Linux Distributions from HPE.

SSTK contents

  • SSTK Deployment Guide (PDF & txt) -- For installation and configuration instructions
  • Utility Src and Script directories -- for support of SSTK deployment
Additional product information
Product #: linsstk
Version: 3.5-7
Software specification: HPIEFPL2_sstk(Z7550-00140.tgz)