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HP-UX PIM Analysis Tool 3.5 (PimDecode)

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HP-UX PIM Analysis Tool 3.5 (PimDecode)

HP-UX PIM Analysis Tool (PimDecode)


The PIM Analysis Tool (PimDecode) is used to diagnose selftest and PIM HPMC (High Priority Machine Check) failures on HP-UX workstation products. This tool is intended to be run from a laptop to diagnose failure onsite.


Select the Model Number, input the Chassis Codes, Check Summary, and click on Diagnose. Additional dialog boxes may come up if necessary. The results can be saved to a file or printed. The summary section of the PIM output contains the Field Replaceable Unit for models C160, C180, C200, C240, J280, J282, and J2240 workstations.

Chassis Codes are entered as "0xCBF0 0x2011" for models C160, C180, C200, C240, J280, J282, and J2240. The 0x is optional and all characters are in hexadecimal. For these models, the Diagnosis window has the FRUs in order of priority and details about the failure if the Details checkbox is selected.

For models B1000, B2000, B2600, C3000, C3600, C3650, C3700, C3750, J5000, J5600, J6000, J6750 and J7000 the Chassis Codes are entered as "0x2CBF0 0x21001." Check Summary is 18 hexadecimal characters with the 0x and 16 without.

Additional product information
Product #: pimdecode
Version: 3.5
Software specification: Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows XP