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HPE offers a number of software support services, many of which are provided to our customers at no additional cost.

Software Technical Support and Update Servicepurchased Insight Management products include one year of 24 x 7 HPE Software Technical Support and Update Service. This service provides access to HPE technical resources for assistance in resolving software implementation or operations problems. The service also provides access to software updates and reference manuals either in electronic form or on physical media as they are made available from HPE. (Customers who purchase an electronic license to use are eligible for electronic updates only.) With this service, Insight Management customers will benefit from expedited problem resolution as well as proactive notification and delivery of software updates. For more information about this service, see

Registration for Software Technical Support and Update Service:  If you received a license entitlement certificate, registration for this service will take place upon online redemption of the license certificate/key.

How to Use Your Software Technical Support and Update Service:  Once registered, you will receive a service contract in the mail containing the Customer Service phone number and your Service Agreement Identifier (SAID). You will need your SAID when calling for technical support. Using your SAID, you can go to the HPE Support Center to view your contract online.

Join the discussion:  The HPE Support Center is a community-based, user-supported tool for HPE customers to participate in discussions amongst the customer community about HPE products.

Software and Drivers download pages:  These pages provide the latest software and drivers for your ProLiant products.

Management Security (  HPE is proactive in its approach to the quality and security of all its management software. Be sure to check this website often for the latest downloadable security updates.

Obtain the latest SmartStart or SPP Release (  To receive proactive notification when releases are available, subscribe to Subscriber Choice here.

Contact support:  HPE Worldwide Customer Service contact numbers are available at

Installation services:  HPE provides a complete range of installation and support services to ensure successful deployment and operations of your server infrastructure.

Trial licenses can be obtained from .


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